No “become millionaires with a few clicks” and lies like that. Yes, you can make a lot of money with this technique but only if you don’t give up, keep focus and keep the same workflow. If we made it, you can make it as well!

Dear Readers,

This month we have decided to give you some of the most powerful Online Marketing tricks you will ever hear. Why? Because a hell of a lot of people have lost their jobs and are trying to work from home, but 95% of them have no idea how to start.

With this strategy, you will not only be able to resell pretty much anything online but also create a remarkable niche quickly and professionally, all from the comfort of your home. The cost? Minimal vs what you will achieve in the long run.

People who try to start their first business from home usually fail with their content creation, their workflow is slow and terrible, they end up giving up after a few months.

That’s right, they cannot output any marketing material fast enough vs the competition and then when they have it, it looks so bad that it does not sell!

Our solution? Continue reading….and you will be able to start a business from home relatively quickly

1)Let’s try to join an affiliate:


Open an account and click on the affiliate button when logged in, apply to the paddle affiliate to get paid.

Get a membership(1 month).

2)Get a powerful and super cheap video Editor(Super easy to use). Don’t try to get any other video editors, this one is superb for online marketers.


3)Get unlimited video STOCK  + Music of pretty much anything you might think about(very cheap compared to anything around)


The great thing there is that you will have access to music licensing + video shots! Wow! No need for you to film anything!! Crazy huh!

Now you are geared with precious tools.

Let’s try to promote your first affiliate.

4)Write some text(500  to 1000 words) and use the FREE Grammarly version to correct your grammar, paste the text in your TextToSpeechVideoMaker.com interface to generate the voice of your choice. Click on the blue button to download the Audio Wav file.

5)Download the wave file and place it in your VIDEO EDITOR. Or download multiple short wave files and add them one by one in the audio time line of your video editor(always add the audio first! As the audio will be what makes you choose the right video shots!).

6)Go to the VIDEO STOCK website and download plenty of video shots that fit your text. Drag them inside your video editor.

7)Add effects, music and make everything pretty, the video below was made with all the above tools:

8)Now you have made your first video with a wonderful voice, open a Twitter, Instagram and Facebook account, post weekly 2 of your new videos and with time, the money will roll in! Don’t give up! Keep doing it, choose excellent keywords for your Youtube videos. Use the Youtube search bar to first see what people search. ie: Type words in the Youtube search bar to see what comes up.

All you need is the above workflow so you can build everything super fast and publish a new video or 2 weekly, be patient, choose different products(the text to speech as an affiliate is a brilliant idea to start with!) and you will see your sales materialising!

Good luck!





















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