Website Design

Web Design is a key component of your business. A well built, fast and powerful website can help you drive sales and increase your brand awareness.

Social Marketing Automation

We can help you restructure your entire company social media marketing presence with automation and custom made software.

Graphic Design

Looking for a Restaurant or corner shop menu design? Business card, Logo or even FaceBooks ads? We can rebrand your entire business.


Selling products online is a complex step that requires knowledge. We can help you setup your first eCommerce in no time.

Search Engine Optimization

Seo is powerful! What is the worse thing that can happen to you? Be at the bottom of Google and never be found, let's fix that now!

Video Promotion of your services

Looking for a powerful API solution using Laravel? We can send all your website news and data to a single or multiple Android apps.

When it comes to developing the concept of an idea for your business, we take the time to explain to you all the various parts of the design process.
Our team is efficient, effective and very creative when it comes to logical and marketing solutions.

With Kollox, you’ll see consistent growth in your website traffic analytics and a steady increase in social media activity.
Join us now, open a Free account and drop us an email about your next project idea!