How To Create Voice Overs For Animoto

I was 18 years old when I started recording my first voice over at home. I can say the least that it was so frustrating. It felt like I was never going to improve. I never knew that a human voice was such a complex thing. You could spend years of studying about sounds and still not know how to create a voice-over that’s near-perfect.

But with the right skills, knowledge, and software, you can easily learn how to record a vocal that sounds better than 99% of the voice recordings out there. We could look into Google for cheap voice over generators, but all of them are full of low-quality unrealistic voices.

Learn how to record voice overs with

I decided to write this article so that people like you could also avoid all of the struggles I experienced. And I’m glad you’ve come across with this!

We are now living in a modern era, and despite the endless technological advances, good voice-overs are still making a great impact in videos. Admit it, you’ll watch a 60-minute video if Morgan Freeman narrates it.

Well produced Voice overs can be added to all types of videos from ads to webinars. Since Animoto is one of the go-to for online video editing to create marketing videos that get your brand noticed, I thought it was the right time to look for an add-on tool to help me generate high quality voice overs. is so advanced that it enables you to customize your preferred voice type, speed, and pitch.

People usually use this kind of software for:

• Podcast.

• Youtube or Daily Motion videos.

• Online courses.

• Audiobooks.

• Presentations.

Let me show you how to generate intelligible and impressive human-like voices for your Animoto videos.

Step 1: Plan the script of your video 

What do you want to tell in your video? That is the first thing you’ll need to do. Create a storyboard of what you’d like to show in your video. Write out the script of what you’d like to say in your voice over.

Step 3: Create your voice over using

You can easily create voice-overs with this Software. You can choose from a wide range of international languages and various accents.

Step 4: Save your Audio and upload it to Animoto

Export the generated file in .Wav format and drag it into Animoto. However, If you want to have music to play in the background of your video, you can do this with a FREE audio editing program called Audacity.

Now you know how to create cheap voice overs with our!

One last thing! Make sure to preview your video to double-check the audio.





















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