Finding a good web hosting company is tough…but we know one that excels!

Our team at has moved a huge amount of customer’s websites to many web hosting companies. We encountered a lot of issues like low-level support, VPS taken offline as soon as a small number of resources were reached or the impossibility to get technical server issues resolved quickly.

We have also worked with web hosting companies who were demanding a very high fee for a very small amount of work.

After now 12 years of testing and messing around with various hosting companies, we have found a killer Web hosting company that is so good that we recommend it to all our new clients.

At Scalahosting, you don’t just get a VPS and full support(if you choose the fully managed VPS package of course), but also get a fantastic replacement for the Cpanel called “Spanel”.

As you all know, the Cpanel team has suddenly increased their prices and this terrible move has caused many companies to move away from the technology(including our team at So moving to the excellent and FREE Spanel from Scala is the next logical move.

Great features like SSH access, possibility to ask them to setup Supervisor for you and many more features keep coming months after months due to their numerous Spanel Updates.

You can rest reassured, their team is very professional, kind and hard-working. You can also contact them 7 days per week on live chat or via their internal messaging chat support.

What do you get with a fully managed VPS?

-SPanel Control Panel
-Daily Remote Backups
-Free Snapshots
-Fully Managed
-Free Migration
-SShield Security Protection
-Dedicated IP Address
-Guaranteed Resources
-Better Google Rankings

At the time of this article, the lowest package sells at 9.95USD which is an incredibly good offer!

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