We, at Kollox.com are big fans of strategy games, and we thought about dedicating a short article about our favorite game called Supreme Commander 2.

This game is not new but still is one of the best RTS game out there. You can increase the cap to 3000 troops for each player if you follow the below tutorial(3000!!!!).

Watch this if you do not believe us!

The get the best out of Supreme commander 2, all you have to do is install a powerful mode on your PC.

Here is the step by step:

1) Go to steam and download:

-Supreme command 2

-Supreme commander 2 Infinite war battle pack.

2) Run the game and create a skirmish, this action will create a special folder on your pc(for later on).

3) Download the below mods:

The mod manager(the software that edits your game):


Revamp extension


War pillar mod(to create big monsters troops super fast):


Now follow this video to install them(it is easy!)

When everything is installed, make sure your mod windows(click the mod icon wherever you installed it) looks like this:

Supreme commander 2 mod

To increase the population cap to 3000, go to the settings and change the cap from 500 to 3000.

Remember, the settings window will only work if you initiate first a skirmish from within the game(launch fully a skirmish).

This action will create a folder within your game that the mod app will be able to write to.

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