Phonegap vs Cordova, which is the best?

For the last 2 years, I have worked with both PhoneGap and Cordova. To be honest, I have never used the upload feature of the Adobe Build because I have always generated my own apps via command lines. I also did not want to become dependent on too many third-party tools and always worried Adobe would shut it down which would, of course, cause me more troubles.

PhoneGap and Cordova are pretty much of the same family, but they have different upload packages, PhoneGap has add-on tools from Adobe but at the end of the day, what you can do with PhoneGap can be done with Cordova.

Numerous issues with PhoneGap pushed me away from the product

I first started my journey with PhoneGap but ran into problems very quickly by struggling with the support community which is not very big. I found the documentation very messy with dead links here and there and updates posted on third party blogs rather than on the main website. So you may end up with critical issues and find no solutions at all for days (or even weeks in some case).

The whole experience with PhoneGap was frustrating to be honest, lack of support, small community, issues you get stuck with and so on.

Another issue I have found is that certain plugins will not work the same way between the 2 technologies.

After my first project with PhoneGap, I decided to give a shot at Cordova and then things started to flow a lot better.

Some of the plugins I could not use with PhoneGap, had more support with Cordova. I still struggled with a few technical setups here and there but as a whole, I enjoyed the development with Cordova a lot better.

My recommendations for anyone wanting to build a Cordova app.

1)Learn Vue.js, I love this framework and it is fast and not so hard to learn(including Vuex, routing and more).

2)Use Cordova and not Phonegap, I will post a tutorial on Cordova very soon.

3)Use Framework 7 (The Vue version) or Use Vuefity and Vue. I like both, but Framework 7 is a whole framework with plenty of gadgets, it is not simple to use so watch out.

4)Learn how to create your APKs with command lines and test your apps either with a desktop emulator or directly from your mobile.

I hope this quick comment about my experience with Cordova and PhoneGap will help you a bit. I of course did not go into technical details between the 2 because I believe it is unnecessary, there are too similar





















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