Enhancing User Experience with Toggleable Input Visibility in Vue.js

Html Input Password Show Eye Icon

In this blog post, we’ll delve into creating an interactive user experience using Vue.js. We’ll focus on building an input field that allows users to toggle the visibility of entered text, all while maintaining a clean and user-friendly interface. Let’s break down the Vue.js code step by step to achieve this functionality.

– Basic understanding of HTML, CSS, and Vue.js.
– Familiarity with SVG icons.

We’ve set up the HTML structure inside the `app` element. The input field’s visibility will be toggled by clicking the button, which contains two SVG icons.

Styling with CSS:

.input-container {
position: relative;

.icon {
width: 1.25rem;
height: 1.25rem;

button {
position: absolute;
right: 1rem;
top: 50%;
transform: translateY(-50%);
background: none;
border: none;
cursor: pointer;

Using CSS, we've positioned the toggle button next to the input field and styled the icons to maintain a consistent appearance.

Vue.js Implementation of Html Input Password Show Eye:

new Vue({
el: '#app',
data: {
password: '',
showPassword: false,
methods: {
togglePasswordVisibility() {
this.showPassword = !this.showPassword;

We’ve utilized Vue.js to create an interactive component. By toggling the `showPassword` property, we can control the visibility of the password text.

When the button is clicked, the `togglePasswordVisibility` (Html Input Password Show Eye) method updates the `showPassword` property, which in turn triggers conditional rendering of the SVG icons.

Incorporating toggleable input visibility in your web application enhances user experience and offers users more control over their interactions. By following this Vue.js guide, you’ve learned how to create an interactive input field with toggleable text visibility using SVG icons. This engaging feature can be seamlessly integrated into your application, providing a polished and user-friendly interface. Customize the icons and styling to align with your application’s design for an even more immersive experience.

This is another full example with vue js:

These icons should now appear as you described, and clicking on them will show/hide the input text accordingly. The `@click.prevent` directive is still used to prevent page reload when clicking the Html Input Password Show Eye.





















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