How to Download Laravel 10

What new with Laravel 10

Laravel 10 no longer supports PHP 8.0.

In Laravel 10, the Laravel framework will discontinue support for PHP =v8.0. PHP 8.1 is the minimum necessary version. Looking at the similarity between master and 9.x, we can anticipate to see 8.1 features like readonly properties implemented in the framework.

The Laravel Pennant

Laravel Pennant is a package developed by the Laravel team that will be included with Laravel 10 and will give Feature Flags for your applications.

Laravel process layer

The Process layer comes with a number of useful capabilities out of the box, including:

Fluent process methods are used to create a process object before starting it.
As output is received, handle it.

Asynchronous operations
Pools of Processes
Fake() provides extensive testing capabilities.
Keeping errant processes at bay during tests
Process testing has never been simpler.

Laravel 10 skeleton native type declarations

Native Type Declarations Will Be Included in the Application Skeleton Code in Laravel 10. This means that any code written by the framework in userland will include type-hints and return types.

The default validation rules are invokeable validation rules.

Invokable validation rules are now the default starting with Laravel 10.

Profile option for tests

A new feature in Laravel 10 is the

–profile option,

which can help you detect any delayed tests in your application.

New String Password helper

Str::password can generate a secure, random password of a specified length. The password will be made up of characters, numbers, symbols, and spaces. Passwords are 32 characters long by default:

Deprecations from Laravel 9

Click here to find all the Laravel 9 Deprecations:





















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