Fully Managed Hosting Services – How to choose the best Web Host?

Over the years, we have designed, coded and moved a countless amount of websites. From WordPress, Magento eCommerce to Laravel applications.

All having their own pitfalls when it comes to hosting.

What companies should look for when purchasing web-hosting?


We always say, “You get what you pay for”. This is true and false.
You would expect a service that is way too cheap to lose some of its support and stability, and this is pretty much the case in all third party Web Hosting services. Every time we have purchased a super cheap web hosting, we suffered from bad service.
On the other hand, a service that is way too expensive may not always be the best and the surge in price could be due to bad management, money minded resellers or overpriced leased hardware.
That’s why we always look for a price that is neither too cheap nor overly expensive.


How many times a company will ask his/her web developer to fix a server problem, spend ages trying to fix it when a server engineer can do the same job in less than 5 minutes?
Why? Because this is what they do all day….solving server bugs, and this is not a field web developer always feel comfortable with. Yes, web developers can fix most low-end problems, but from time to time, on serious issues, you better ask a support engineer.

Therefore, choosing a Web Host that has a fast and experienced Technical support is critical.

Web host suspending your account when your database increases in size

How many times we have been called by customers who had their account shut because their hosting provider told them that their database size was too big?
This is something you always need to double-check with a web hosting company before buying any of their packages.

Choose a VPS(Virtual Private Server) to stay away from database restrictions.

Hosting location

That’s right! This is a super important point to take into consideration because of data breach and GDPR laws.

Make sure your hosting provider offers an EU location if your business is based within the EU.


How many companies do not have a good backup strategy in place?

Which type of backup do you need by the way?
-Database backup
-Cpanel backup
-Entire server backup.

A typical setup would be:
-Database backup 4 times per day using Google drive and cpanel
-Cpanel backup 1 time per day to save your script, emails and databases
-Entire server backup to save the Operating system and all the software bundles installed on the machine.

By having 3 types of backups(and in different locations), you can reload your website anytime and limit the points of failure.

Based on the above, which hosting provider did we choose during all those years?
We chose someone we can trust and rely heavily on when something goes wrong. A web host who is giving us the freedom of choosing a server location(EU or non-EU), with server backup(daily) and the possibility to either have a Cpanel or a third party powered panel.
Scala hosting, has been our number 1 choice for years and we are very proud to be hosted by them.

We are not partnered with Scala hosting, we just love their hosting and promote it because we use it ourselves!





















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