Search engine optimization Services (Seo)

What we check for How we solve the problem
Products & Services organization

We check to see if your products and services are organized in a way that benefits search engines. This process of reorganization will happen both on your website and in the search engine results.

Quality of your content

We will check your content, its quality, and how it is processed by search engines. Your content needs to be written in a very specific way to attract both human readers and search engine crawlers.


Indexing is the process of attracting search engines to record your website URLs and content in their result pages. Using a powerful method, we can get 80% of your pages indexed much faster than normal.

Fixing website issues

Your web designers or programmers, without knowing it, may add a lot of non-visual issues to your website causing problems to the search engines. We will dig deep into your output html code and guide your staff on how to fix them.

Website links, the good and bad

Having your website links on other websites or simply adding external links on your own pages can really hurt your ranking. This is where we either take down links we find too negative for search engines or rewrite the way they are added to your own website.

Social Marketing

Social marketing plays an important role in your internet campaign, we will build the best possible strategy for your brand or website. Seo and Social Marketing go together, you need to get this part right or your online ranking will suffer.

The quality of your products and services

Having the best SEO in the world is not going to solve the main issue regarding the quality of your products or services. We will make sure that whatever you promote has an online clientele ready to buy.

Niche markets and keywords

We will find keywords and niche markets for your products and services. You need to target the right place, with the right product or services at the right time.

Keywords ranking report

We will send you monthly ranking reports and assess how well your ranking is doing during our campaign.

Use your content to gain traffic

Sending your content to the right websites is an important part of Seo. We may need to build custom scripts that pull your database content and sends it to the right content aggregators.

The power of Google

Google is a complex search engine and it constantly changes the rules of the game. At Kollox, we make sure we always keep an eye on all the updates that affect our customer's ranking.

Getting the right articles

Our international freelancing teams will follow our Seo guidelines and create articles that fit perfectly your brand, products or services.