PHP programming - Custom PHP Solutions

With PHP we can create logic inside your website, build custom software solutions for your desktop computer and much more.

If for example you have a real shop and would like to increase your online presence by having a website that has an eCommerce(to sell your goods), a coupon area, a login, customer panel and much more, our team will design and code the whole interface for you.

We will first try to find out which type of visual design you are interested in, sketch a static demo of multiple pages and finally integrate our PHP code to create a powerful solution for your business.

If you have a website or would like to have one that has all the required power for your business, PHP is a fantastic tool that can change websites into powerful solutions, contact us at Kollox now for more information.

Kollox PHP programming

Examples of custom work for websites

What would you like to have? Explanation
Admin panels

Many websites are static, meaning that the owner cannot update, delete or create any records on his web pages, we can change this by coding a fully working admin panel.

Coupons generation

Do you have a restaurant or a shop and would like to generate your own coupons? We can build a new add-on in your admin panel that let you create coupons for your customers.

Custom login

Many website owners like to have their own customer's login area to read news or access many coupons.

Uploading images to your website

Would you like to upload pictures for your customers? Why not have an upload area in your new admin panel?

Sending emails to your customers

Would you like to send bulk emails to your customers? Our Kollox team can code a fully working email sender app for your business.

Adding mobile phone verification

Getting to know your customers and their phone numbers can be a very important part of your marketing campaign.

Auto publishing your website news to FaceBook

With the click of a button, your website news and articles will be sent to FaceBook automatically.

FaceBook login and comments on your website

Addin FaceBook login and comment box in your website can be a great idea to add more fun to your website.

Create booking contact forms

Having cool custom booking forms on your website is very useful and important to your users.


Selling your goods or services online is super important, we can code powerful ecommerce solutions for your business

Image Galleries

Why not show your latest photos to the world! Image galleries are fun!

Showing current weather on your website

Sometime, for holiday makers using your website, you may want to show the current state of the local weather

Newsletter integration

Having a "register to our newsletter" form on your website can keep your customers engaged with your brand

Music players

Looking to integrate a music player on your website? Use PHP to upload your tracks is a great idea!