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Picture Thumbnails Not Showing Windows 10 - Thumbnail Viewer Fix

Sometimes, a small problem can become a big one, especially in windows!

Have you ever found yourself in the position of not being able to view the thumbnails in your folders? Scratched your head for quite some time, tried to find a quick fix on Google and found
Well, this is exactly why we did this very short tutorial!

Tonight, while trying to view a few images we downloaded from one of our websites, we found ourselves unable to view our picture's thumbnails in Windows 10.

Here is a fix, please leave us a comment if this helped you resolve this issue:

1 -  Go to the windows 10 bottom left search bar(the magnifying glass) and type this:

File explorer options

File explorer windows 10

2 - Make sure this box is not ticked!

When the file explorer options show up, look for the top line tick box called:

"Always shows icons, never thumbnails"

Make this is not ticked, otherwise, all your thumbnails will show as icons (self-explanatory!).

Make sure you click on "Apply".

box not ticked in windows 10

Please leave us a comment below, we love to hear from our readers!