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Windows Repair Tool - Free and Powerful

Today we are going to speak about a fantastic piece of Freeware we have discovered last month while reading a few posts on a website called

This Windows Repair tool is very simple to use and quite powerful as it will reset your windows permissions, services, system files and much more. We have rarely seen a tool as good as this one because it targets many areas of windows that usually other software don't touch.

Remember that windows computers are all different due to the huge number of different parts out there. Your drivers will not be the same as ours, therefore you always have to understand that whenever you try to repair a windows operating system, there is a risk and a backup is a "MUST".

You can backup your computer with another Freeware called Easy to do backup Free from:

Make you have you an external drive plugged in as it doesn't make sense to do a backup on the same drive that is currently being used on your pc.

This tweaking .com will ask you to reboot in safe mode and it is important to do so. To restart manually in safe mode on windows 10, you simply need to hold down the "SHIFT" key on your keyboard while clicking on "RESTART"  at the bottom left of your desktop screen.

Windows Repair tool image 1

Upon starting the software a screen will show up, simply click on "Backup Tools" and as an extra precaution, take a backup of your registry and create a system restore point.

If you go back to the "Getting Started" screen, you have 2 choices, either you follow all the steps one by one or jump directly to the repair mode by clicking on "Jump To Repairs".

When you will land on the repair page, just start the mode and wait until it finishes. On our machine, it takes about 30 minutes.

When the repair is done, restart the pc and use it for many hours to make sure that the repairs have been done correctly. If you experience problems, launch your system restore or your backup, this way you are safe.
We have used this tool on 3 pcs, and they have since all been working very well.

Hope you will enjoy this super windows repair tool which is free! You can always purchase the premium version if needed.