Xbox one x vs ps4 pro - The bad news for Microsoft

Rapid Packed Math - The bad news for Microsoft!

This new Microsoft Xbox One X Project Scorpio console is going to be powerful, it will easily outstrip the capabilities of the PlayStation 4 PRO, but will it really...there is a major problem...

During the last few weeks, AMD whose processors power both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 announced a new cutting-edge technology has been developed!

What is it? Why should Microsoft fear this new technology?

This new AMD technology which works on high-end RX Vega graphics cards is only available on PlayStation 4 PRO! Wow!

The Rapid Packed Math as AMD describes it, can render certain processing effects using 16 bits rather than 32 bits which of course frees up a lot of ram from the Graphics processing unit(or GPU). 

From what we have discovered, the Rapid Packed Math technology could double the power of PS4 PRO GPU. 

The developer explains in the Youtube video that this new technology will be able to execute x 2 mathematical instructions for the price of x1 which is to be honest....something pretty big to announce.

The frame rate, the speed of the game will be greatly improved which means that superb graphics will be produced on the PlayStation 4 PRO.

Far cry 5 will be the first game using this new Rapid Packed Math technology. Let's wait for Future Mark to showcase this incredible new technology to the public.

Amazing isn't it!