A new Crypto-Currency which will take the world by storm

Watch for this new Crypto-Currency as it could become the next BitCoin!

A quick history of Money

When it comes to crypto-currencies, there is one question we all ask, why do we buy them?
In the past, people used to trade goods against goods, ie: carrots vs potatoes, and with time, people started to use something more precious, gold. Civilizations could not duplicate gold and realised quickly that its quantity was also limited, an alternative had to be found....money.

Where does money come from?

Where does money come from? Did you ever ask yourself this question? In the United-states, the federal reserve tells the Bureau of Engraving and Printing when to print more notes, in Europe, it is the European Central Bank. Printing money is a complex game. if a country has too many notes, the money loses its value and inflation occurs, therefore governmental economists have to constantly go through complex calculations to keep an eye on this.

Crypto-Currencies is our Future

I see a lot of people criticizing Crypto-Currencies and they are very wrong!

A crypto-currency, like the American dollar, was not worth much at the start, but it gained a lot more value when real goods and services could be exchanged for it. This change is now happening to Bitcoin as companies are now allowing people to pay them in this virtual currency. With time, a unified Crypto-currency will take over the world and money as we know it(paper money) will completely disappear. 

Remember, not all the crypto-currencies are worth anything, as we have seen hundreds popping up since last year and 99% of them will simply fail as the owners do not have a great idea backing their use.

Now you know that a crypto-currency can become very popular when people start to exchange it for good and services, you will surely understand why the project we are going to speak about will have a bright future.

Have you heard of Lala Tokens or Lala Coins?

A very bright man called Sankalp Shangari came up with an idea that is going to revolutionize the way migrants move their money at the lowest cost possible and without a bank account.

Without a bank account? Why and how?

Many migrants do not have access to a bank account, therefore when they want to move their money from point A to point B, they have to use expensive online services. The clever team behind this huge project has created a new tool called the Lala Wallet which will enable people to move money with their app over the Wifi. This is a huge market as you have billions of people who are unbanked!

So what will happen when the tokens will be in circulation and millions if not billions of people will start using them in the future?

 Think about BitCoin, in 2010, its value was 0.08 USD, in 2017, it went around 20 000 USD!
The high demand caused a massive increase in its value.
With Lalacoins or Lala Tokens, people will be able to pay their bills and move their money without the use of a single bank, imagine the demand, it will be huge!

We will keep our users updated on this big project which should launch in the coming months.

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