How to Claim Bankera Weekly Commissions or Rewards outside Spectrocoin - Tutorial

How to Claim Bankera Commissions or Rewards outside Spectrocoin

This tutorial has been asked many times, I have finally taken the time to go through each step of claiming Bankera's Rewards outside Spectrocoin(Metamask in our example).

Before you start I would like to speak about the fee versus the commission, I have found out that the fee(in my case) was 2 USD. Make sure your commission is higher than the Gaz fee or you will end up paying more than your commission earning.

Double check that you have at least 2 USD of ETH in your wallet as you will need this amount for the transfer to complete.

The best way to go ahead is to install the "Brave Browser" from:

And Metamask:

Make sure you install Metamask in your brave browser. 
Log in to your metamask and while logged in, follow the below steps

Step 1:
Go to the Bankera blog's page and copy their contract address:

You will find the address in their blog post at "step 2" Point 3

Which is:

Step 2:
Go to the Etherscan website and paste the copied contract address in the search bar as shown below:

Step 3
Click on the "Code" button

Step 4:
Copy the ABI Code

Step 5:
Go to and click "Contracts" from the top menus

You should see the below window, please follow the steps from in picture

After clicking on the bottom button, you will see this window:

Try to add 100 000 of Gaz. I tried to add less but the transfer failed(out of gas). If this does not work try adding a little more, ie: 150 000.

When you click on the button, the transaction will be done and you will receive a message in Metamask asking you if you want to transfer a few ETH to the contract. The reason for this is because you have to pay a network fee before receiving your money/ETH.

In my case, the fee was around 2USD but my commission was higher than the fee so it was fine. If you have a very low commission balance, you may end up having a higher fee than the received earnings.

If this tutorial helped you a lot, please leave us a message below!

Thank you.