Google drive Alternative - Something superb for you to try

This month we will review a fantastic software called Sync from a company founded in 2011 by Thomas Savundra, Suhan Shan and Darius Antia, the same team that started Netfirms.

We downloaded it from this link

First installation of Sync

The  .exe file is very small, about 3.7mb and the installation is flawless.

The first detail you will notice is your desktop screen going black, this happened on our machine but is totally harmless. 

Drag and drop any types of files you like to your c:\\sync folder, the software will begin to upload everything to the secure server.

Synching files to the other devices.

Synching your uploaded files to the other devices is just as easy, you will need to make sure that you first review the folders you wish to sync by clicking on the Preferences tab which is located in the control panel(right click the bottom right icon).

desktop icon

When a folder is ticked, all the content that is on the server will be downloaded to the chosen computer.

sync panel

sharing sync files

Sharing your files with coworkers, friends and family

Sharing your files securely with other people is super easy, simply go to your sync web account by clicking on the "Go to the Web Panel" using the bottom right icon.
The system will automatically log you to your web panel, all you will have to do is click this little icon which is situated to the right side of every folder.
Click on "Share this folder" and add the emails of all the persons who you wish to share the folder with. It is interesting to see that they have thought very well about the permission level(view, edit, invite, see others).

sharing folders

sharing synching files

Downloading your files from the web offers 2 ways of downloading your files, the compatible and private download.
From what we understood, when you download your files directly from the web panel, an advanced html5 local web browser storage technology is used, but not all browsers support this feature, and this is why you have another mode called "compatible" just in case the private download mode does not work for you.

From the info we have found on the website, this private download feature is only supported by Chrome (up to 25 gigs ), Firefox (up to 500mb only), internet explorer 10 (500mb only) and Microsoft edges (500mb only).

The Vault - A super feature!

The vault is your ultra-secure file archive area, where files are backed up and stored in the cloud system of These files are not synced or accessible from the Sync folder on your devices.

You can move any files to the vault, most people would usually keep this area for super secure files.

Final review: is superb, very reliable, their support is quick and first class. We have moved to from Google drive because we had issues regarding long file paths in our uploaded web designer packages. With, no more problems, everything is just synching right first time!

You can always try to upload up to 5 gigs of data for free and fall in love with this software right away!