Best Free accounting Software - Top Rated By Kollox

Have you been looking for a free top-notch accounting software?

What is the worse thing you really struggle with when starting a business?

Yes, that's right, an accounting software that doesn't cost hundreds of dollars and an easy interface to play with.
Most accounting software are difficult to use and very expensive.

Lucky us, someone with excellent programming skills came up with a solution and it is called

Can it really be 100% free?

Yes, I know what you are going to say...all the FREE accounting softwares you have tried were not 100% free, but always had some kind of premium hidden features or worse.... was actually free because of their terrible quality.

I can assure you that is a top-notch accounting software. I was using Xero for many years but moved to when I realised it was going to be really expensive to pay for Multi-currencies.

Any down points?

Just one, if you deal with multi-currencies, Manager will not automatically fetch them for you from the internet, so instead what you will have to do is input the currency rates manually. ie: every 2 weeks check the exchange rate for the dollar vs Euro(example) and input it, then uses the rate and calculates the exchange gains or losses automatically.

Is easy to use?

To be honest, after trying a huge amount of accounting software, I believe that is simply superb! Easy Graphical interface, 1 button backups, possibility to have you software synching with drive or Dropbox or any other syncing software. 

The FREE version is for a single user at the time, if you are looking for more complex features like automatic backups, multi-user access, permission and mobile/tablets accessibility, then you will have to purchase the premium version.

For most small companies or self-employed people using windows 10, the free version will be more than enough. And by the way there is also a simplified payroll area!