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Based in Malta

100% White Label Web Design / PHP Programming

Hire a Malta Based Web Designer / PHP developer for only 1500 Euro + V.A.T monthly!

All our PHP developers are based in Malta. We do not outsource developers in any other countries.

Why such low cost?

When Devs have to drive to an office, they get stuck in traffic, eat out, pay for parking which increase their cost, by removing fully this problematic, they are able to lower their wage and be a lot more focused on the job.

Working from home means that you wake up, turn the pc on and can work non-stop from 10am till 6pm every day without losing a single minute on the road. That's a lot better if you want your project to move faster.

How can we work together without being in the same office?

You will love the workflow, Trello will be used to keep track of the project tasks. Our devs will chat with you via Skype(video or audio only chat) or phone, between 9am and 6pm Monday to Friday.

To make our workflow even better, we will showcast our current work on the internet(directly from our local machine) using a unique custom URL, so you can see the current development while chatting via skype. The url will then be taken down after each discussion for security purpose.

If you need our devs for your own customers, we will not mention our company or website(100% white label) name to protect your brand and trade secrets.

We can guarantee you a minimum of 40 hours of work per week, on super important projects requiring extra week-end hours, we will charge you extra at a rate of 12 Euro + V.A.T per hour.

If you already have a team of devs, we can always use their tools to communicate and access their code base.

We know how tough it is to outsource trusted people. That's why we are here!

1 Dev currently available


Html5, PHP, Laravel 5(With APIs), Mysql, Javascript/Jquery, Boostrap 3/4, Materialize.jz, Phonegap(develop Android Apps), Framework 7, Adwords, photoshop

Our services

Feel free to contact us anytime

Front end Web Design

We will custom design your website or web app according to your requirements.

PHP backend PHP integration

With the powerful & secure Laravel Framework, we will build an all in one solution for your business.


We can build eCommerces to sell Digital and non-digital products using Paypal or stripe as the payment gateway.

SEO Consultation

Optimizing your website for better ranking in Search engines is very important as a long-term business strategy.

Android Apps Built with Phonegap

We can create an App communicating directly with your API or Laravel 5

Hire a Laravel PHP Developer on demand

Laravel is a powerful framework and is a very important tool for building secure websites.

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