Text to Speech

Frequently Asked Questions

This limit was requested by many of our customers. Let's say we do not have a limit and you type 50 000 characters in one go, generate your wave file, and realise there was mistake somewhere in your text….disaster!

This is why it makes more sense(cost wise) to only generate small chunks of text to audio files.

To add a pause in your text, simple click on the red button “Add pause” and a tag will be added in your text.

In order to change the length of a text to speech pause, you simply need to replace the number inside the generated tag from 2s to 5s

Please read our refund policy here:


You trial included 500 Free Characters + will have 1 full month to use them. After the trial, if you wish to carry on using the service, you will need to purchase a premium subscription.

When you purchase a premium text to speech membership, your account will allow you to spend all your remaining characters for a full month from the date of purchase.