How to use a PS3 Controller on Windows 10 - Superb Solution

Last week, my daughter wanted to play a game of Minecraft on my PC and something I did not think about happened...
She found it difficult to use the computer's mouse because her hands were too small, so she asked me to install her PS3 controller on the pc.
I looked for a solution everywhere, tried many tricks with MotionJoy but nothing really worked.
After some time I found someone who came up with a superb solution!

Here it is:
1)You will need to go to this url:

If the framework 4.6 is already installed on your PC, no worry, leave it.

2)Next, install this:

This is the C++ library, once again, if this is already on your pc, leave it.

3)I will skip direct x as it should be installed as a default(Check the video for more on this).

4)Go here to download the drivers:

-Latest version[x.x.x.x.x.x]
-Latest update[x.x.x.x.x.x]

I added "x" because by the time you read this, the versions will have changed.

Now that you have downloaded both, extract them to your desktop in their respective folders and follow the video below.