No more money for Youtube Content Creators - Youtube Boycott

A recent boycott from Youtube advertisers has caused a large number of Youtube creators to rethink about their full-time online job, others have been left unable to pay their staff wages.
Youtube content creators have seen their earnings shrink to as much as 95% between March and April 2017. 

The Youtube boycott started in March 2017 when a handful number of advertisers were unhappy about the fact that their ads appeared on extremist, hateful, homophobic, anti-semitic or racist videos.
As you can imagine, the daily loss for Alphabet which is the company behind Youtube is huge and may even hit the 750 000 000 dollars by the end of the year if they do not find a way to fix the issue.

Some of the companies joining the Boycott are:
-JP Morgan
-Channel 4
-HM Government

And many more.....over 250 very big brands.

With 400 hours of videos uploaded every single minute, Youtube is a beast to manage and it may have to employ humans to change the way the videos are being treated.
In order for Youtube to manage such large amount of video checking, their policies had to change and it is causing a lot of frictions among the Youtube creator community who has seen some of their videos blacklisted under the new algorithm.

YouTube has announced it will now block ads on channels with under 10,000 views.

We are waiting for news regarding this matter and will let you know when we see any fluctuations in our channels earnings. At the moment, the graphs keep going down.

Many content creators have been looking at alternative websites to post their video content but there is nothing pretty much that matched the high viewer volumes of a website like

Hopefully, with some of the best coders on their side, they will find a way to solve the whole issue within the coming months. In the meantime, many companies will continue to suffer and some may be forced to shut down.